360º video: For forward-thinking companies

Everyone LOVES 360º video. People want to do more than just read; they want to be entertained while they're being informed. Video is now taking priority over written posts. But not everyone has a 360º video camera or knows how to leverage it for business. Evidently, there's going to be a need for people to create the content for these platforms. Don’t get left behind because you don't have the technology or know-how!

360 video

So, what’s your perspective?

Your customers hunger for high-quality, immersive content! We make incredible brand awareness videos to showcase what you do, where you do it, and how you do it. Now is your chance to do something really unique for your business and your clients using professional quality 360 video! From concept to creation, we produce stunning videos to draw in customers and convert leads.

Look around: Real Estate 360º video 

Of course, 360º photos have been around for ages in real estate but now we take it to a whole new perspective to help you serve your clients even better - and have an edge over your competitors! Talk the client through a 360º tour while they view overlaid graphics describing the room or area they’re seeing! The possibilities to help you sell that home are endless!

[vrview img="https://lethologicacc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/DSCN0124.jpg" width="100%"]


Enhance your marketing with 360º video

Imagine: Watching a fashion show while we’re also interviewing the designer. You can look at the designer, turn and watch the show, and go back and forth as you please.

Imagine: Seeing all around a showroom or workshop - really show your customers what you do, from their point of view, in the middle of it all.


Immersing yourself in:

Support for 360º video and engaging content 

Facebook recently announced a new way to use and display 360º video content on FacebookCNN did something similar, releasing a new 360º app to deliver 360º content from news, and Vimeo finally announced support for 360º videos and content creation. Director Jon Favreau has recently released a short movie in 360º.  


A whole new perspective is opening up

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