Videography for Digital Marketing

People want to do more than just read; they want to be entertained while they're being informed. Video has taken priority over written posts. But not everyone has the gear and technology or the know-how to successfully leverage it for business. Don’t get left behind! Make video work for your business.

360 video

Tell your story in a unique way!

Your customers hunger for high-quality, immersive content! We create:

all for the purpose of showing what you do and how you do it!

From concept to creation, we produce stunning videos to draw in customers and convert leads.

What Sets Us Apart

Smartphones are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Anyone can make a video these days.

So what makes Lethologica's videos stand out?

Our gear: We don't just use our smartphones or low-end "prosumer" cameras. Only top-of-the-line professional videography gear works for us. Plus, we are one of only a few companies in Vancouver to use innovative 360º video cameras.

Our vision: Our lead creative is an art school graduate. He has an eye for framing and staging like no one else.

Our audio: Make your voices clearly heard with our sharp spatial audio with incredible post-production. We have custom music at our disposal in addition to standard stock audio tracks.

Our research and writing: We combine stunning artistic vision with background research and scriptwriting based on the principles of phenomenology to truly tell your lived experience in a unique way. 

Our post-production skills: Last but not least! Post-production is what sets a professional apart from people filming with their smartphones! Ask us about our extensive editing skills, graphic design background, and years doing post-production for a large Canadian multimedia company. 

Put it all together and we create superior videos for you to share your vision and skills with your clients.


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Grab their attention!

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