Lethologica is a Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce Member

lethologica chamber of commerceWe’ve happily been a Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce Member for over a year now and we’re delighted to have been recently featured in the Tri-City News as a Feature Member.

We chose to join the Chamber back in 2015 because we strongly believe in supporting our local community and other local businesses. It’s great fun to attend a Morning Shmooze or KICKSTART event and see our fellow Tri-Cities members, have a chat, and learn more about what other local businesses are doing. The Chamber has so many excellent opportunities for learning and we at Lethologica are big fans of life-long learning! And of course, the networking opportunities are incredible. We have developed many business relationships and friendships as a result of joining the Chamber. As we both live and work in the Tri-Cities, we get to know people from other local businesses and via building our team from the local talent pool. so this shout out is one way that we wanted to say thank you to the Chamber for all that you do.

Hit us up for all your digital marketing needs. Many people don’t know that creating an effective website is about more than looking slick and modern. We work hard on search engine optimization (SEO), landing pages, social networking, conversion paths, and all the other tools that boost your online presence, credibility, and ultimately, sales. Our ideal client is therefore one that can appreciate how essential these aspects are to their success. We love helping other businesses succeed! When a client says their phone is ringing off the hook or we get a new contract based on word of mouth, we’re delighted that we’re making a positive impact on other people’s lives!

We love the Tri-Cities and we couldn’t be happier living and working anywhere else!

Lethologica is a Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce Member
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