In chatting with someone earlier this week, it was brought to our attention (and not for the first time) that the people we connect with on a daily basis for business and at networking still don’t know a lot about either one of us. We have been told that we’re very private people. And yes, yes we are.

But that doesn’t preclude us from getting to know other people better and from having you get to know us better, too! So, to that end, we’re going to start doing some very specific #TBTs so you can get to know us and what makes us tick. Please, feel free to comment or otherwise engage us in conversation as you get to learn more about us – Jen and bOB, the pair behind Lethologica.

Many of you know we have been the owners and operators of Lethologica for three and a half years now but what you might not know is that we had a photography studio in our fair city of Port Moody for a little while. bOB has always been a photographer

bOB HOmer photography

and we thought we’d try our hand at having a full-on walk-in studio.

photography inc logo

Calling ourselves photography.inc, we had a gorgeous place right in the heart of Port Moody, in Moody Centre on St. John’s Street, but walk-in traffic just wasn’t our niche. Most of our clients wanted headshots by the water, maternity shoots in home, or wedding photography, which of course is on location. Meanwhile, we were looking to expand our services on the web, as bOB was transitioning away from a large multimedia company he had worked at for 10 years (remotely for the last few years).

Jen was also looking for a change away from her nursing career (but that’s a story for another #tbt) so we moved out of the studio and launched Lethologica!

Curious to know more? Give us a call or hit us up on social!


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