Who uses milestone documentation photography?

Architecture, engineering, construction (AEC),
renovation, and commercial real estate (CRE) developments.
Inspection-grade detail HDR images and 360 3D VR tours
instead of blurry images taken on a smartphone

Milestone Photography

For every major step in your progress

We capture 360 VR tours as well as still photos of particular areas that you want documented, such as electrical, plumbing, and mechanical. We offer:

  • Milestone photographic record of progress
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Interior and exterior progress documentation at requested intervals
    determined on a per project basis
  • Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (MEP)
  • Wide angle and inspection-grade detail photography
  • On-call photography possible, for unexpected needs
  • Platform to host complete photo (and other documentation) database
  • Photos and documentation available from anywhere, accessible 24/7
Construction VR Tour

Essential for:

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

  • Keep an eye on the project and stay on track
  • Facilitate troubleshooting
  • Allow for remote project management
  • Insight for key project stakeholders

Insurance and Legal Purposes

Photos tell the truth and are a factual, permanent record of your due diligence, making these records key evidence in dispute resolution.
Furthermore, our photos are protected to prevent tampering or alteration.


For all team-members, contractors and sub-contractors, financial investors, and owners to be on the same page.

Preventing Investigative Destruction

By knowing exactly what is behind those walls, you can save time and money on future renovation and maintenance.

Saving Time and Money

  • Our platform efficiently centralizes all photo documentation, instead of one personal manually entering and organizing images
  • Save time quickly searching for specific content and relevant images based on date, portion of the project, or location
  • Simplifies the process for easy hand-over at the end of the project
  • Leave the photography to us to let you focus on your job


Having complete records brings added value for future buyers!


Before and After Photos

  • Showcase the incredible work that you do through high-resolution photos and VR walk-through tours
  • Communicate your accomplishments and highlight your skills for sales, marketing, and business development purposes
  • Now that the project is completed, capture the full beauty of the finished structure
  • For your website, proposals, trade shows, presentations, and awards submissions
  • We also shoot all-interior retail stores
Real Estate Photography

Detail Shots of the Finished Product

  • Are you particularly proud of a specific design aspect of your work?
  • Is there something you want to call attention to for marketing purposes to your future and potential clients?
  • Show off your attention to detail with our high-quality detail photos and scans

3D Immersive 360 VR Walk-through Tours

In addition to our sharp and stunning still photography, we do 3D immersive 360 VR tours. By scanning a space in 3D, we can create precisely-measured, accurate scans for a realistic high-definition walk-through with 3D models, 360 images, and visually-rich 4K images. 

For milestone documentation, quality assurance, quality control, insurance purposes,
project validation, and record keeping.

Packages include:

Milestone VR walk-throughs
Hotspot tagging with informational text, hyperlinks, and media
Dollhouse and floor plan views
Guided Highlight tour
Colour “Point Cloud” 3D model files
Tours available from anywhere, accessible 24/7
Embeddable code and website links of high-resolution tours for your records,
sharable to websites and social media (if desired) for showcasing your work

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