Who are we?

We're bOB HOmer and Jennifer Timer and we're a husband-and-wife, boutique architectural and real estate photography company based out of Port Moody, BC.

Why Choose Capturing Spaces for your photography, VR Tours, and real estate marketing assets?

Our Mission Statement and our Differentiators are what set us apart when everyone has a camera on their phones. Read on to discover what adds value to our services. We think you'll like what we bring to the table.

Mission Statement

We are ethical, honest, and respectful, and we value exceptional customer service. We choose to work with like-minded companies.

We want to elicit that emotional response that makes you fall in love with a place. We aim to make you, your clients, your customers feel like you are present in the space, in the moment.

We want your business and brand to stand out through content-rich visuals that sell your properties, encourage consumer engagement, and humanize your business - whatever you do.

What makes us different than other photography and 3D scanning companies?

Differentiator #1 - We are photographers and artists, not technicians.

As an art school graduate (professionally trained artist and photographer), Owner and Principal Photographer bOB HOmer has worked in commercial arts for the last 20 years. He's been taking real estate and architecture photos professionally for over 10 years, from Chilliwack to White Rock, all over the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. He's also taken photos and created images and graphics for large national chains and small independent businesses.

We're not a company built around someone with no photography experience who simply bought a Matterport and learned the tech.  Even more important than using the right gear, bOB has the training, skill, unique eye, and creative vision that gets your images noticed. bOB has the experience of composing, constructing, and developing a shot that truly conveys your message.

He's always mentally framing the next shot, thinking through a shot, giving your service the time and attention to detail that you deserve.

Differentiator #2 - We're a boutique agency and you benefit.

We’re a boutique company. Staying intentionally smaller means:

  • When you call us, you get us. You get bOB's 20 years of experience. You get bOB's vision and creativity. You get consistency and excellence from someone you come to know and trust.
  • We don’t outsource. We work from our home office. Both of which mean we save on overhead, which translates to lower pricing for you.
  • We don’t overbook. We intentionally plan our photoshoots to give each client our individual attention, time, and detailed service that you deserve.

You don't have to spend your valuable time as a business owner worrying or tracking down contractors - we help you focus on running your business!

No fuss, no hassles. Exceptional customer service.

In the end, by hiring a boutique agency, you save time and money.

Differentiator #3 - We give you it all with simple pricing.

Unlike some agencies that charge separately for each service, we combine VR Tours AND photos (if you want both). Why wouldn't we give you all the tools in our toolbox?

For VR Tour and Photos combined: 0.10¢ per square foot, $135 min

Floor Plans added to above combo: only $100

It's that simple.

For still photos only:

Small property (like a condo): $125; Medium: $175; Large: $225

Luxury: depends on size and property options

Floor Plans added to Stills: 0.10¢ per square foot, $155 min

See our quote estimator and book now.

Differentiator #4 - Graphic Design background = Print Services and Websites!

Because bOB started out in illustration and photography, he quickly found a niche in commercial art and graphic design. bOB’s designed 100s of logos, 1000s of websites, and 1000s more in print marketing materials.

This means we are more than well-equipped to have launched our own Print Services branch where we design logos, help develop your brand, design business cards, postcards, features sheets and more (as well as design and program your website).

Our equipment
When anyone can take a photo on their phone or whip up an image using an app, it's good to know that your work is in the hands of professionals who use all professional photography gear, broadcast quality video and audio equipment, professional editing software, and the full Adobe Creative suite. We use top-of-the-line cameras and we have a Matterport Pro2 3D camera for scanning. 

We can shoot in the rain, in the cold, in the dark or low-light, outside - you name it. We have the gear it takes to get the job done right the first time. 

For more vintage and retro-looking shoots, we have a variety of film cameras and also shoot in black and white. We even have a medium format camera for more artistic shoots. 

Being able to use so many different types of cameras, including shooting and developing film shot on medium format, means that bOB truly knows his stuff! Why trust your photography to anyone else?  
Art studio owner
bOB HOmer lives and breathes art - it’s not just a job, it’s in his blood. He did just pick up a camera yesterday- he's been a photographer his entire life. 

He even established and owned his own art gallery called bOBart that he operated for several years in Southern Ontario before moving to Vancouver. As such, he knows about displaying art, angles and lighting, and curating images to successfully convey a message. 
Thinking outside the box
bOB and Jen are somewhat untraditional business owners but, as artists and introverts, our creative artsy sides mean that we think outside the box and you get stunning and successful results. 

We were one of the first Tri-Cities businesses to start using 360 images, for example, and now our images have over 500,000 views on Google. Imagine what that kind of traffic can do for your business! 
Published author; social media certified

Need writing done for your website, marketing materials, or social media?

Jennifer is a published author of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, scientific articles, and white papers. She knows how to use a variety of voices to effectively get your message across to your designated audience. Plus, typos are her nemesis so you can trust that your content is in good hands!

Additionally, Jennifer is twice certified in Social Media Marketing Strategy by CoSchedule. This means she knows what works and what doesn't on different social media platforms, how to intelligently craft and schedule messages so your audience will see them, and what kinds of visuals to use to ensure your message doesn't drown in a sea of social media.

Ask Jen about social media best practices at your next meeting with us.

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